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DEAR KIDSFISHING VISITORS:  To remain unbiased we'll never run ads. We take no government funds. We survive on donations averaging about $20. About the cost of dinner!  If everyone reading this right now gave a few dollars, our fundraiser would be done within an hour. We're a small program with some of the same costs as a multi-million dollar operation:  website, servers, transportation, storage, equipment, staff and programs.  Kidsfishing is something special. It is like a library or a public park where we can all go to share information and learn. If your finding kidsfishing useful please take one minute to keep it online and ad-free another year. Thank you.
HOW TO JOIN THE KIDS FISHING CLUB - Simply email  Write "join kids fishing club" on the subject line.  Include your child's name, age and city of residence.  You will be added to our email list to receive event invitations.  Volunteers and fundraisers can register this way too.
MONEY - Use the link on this page to donate using a credit card.
WE NEED A NEW LOGO - We need $250 to cover the cost of a new logo. Want to buy us a logo?  Use the donate link.
BASS PRO SHOPS & WALMART GIFT CARDS - We can use gift cards to buy fishing equipment.  Just buy cards and mail them to us.
USED FISHING EQUIPMENT - We sell whatever we cant use and use the money to buy fishing equipment for our events. 
FISHING TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT - We need hooks, weights, floats, and all sorts of other fishing tackle.
PRIZES AND GIFT CERTIFICATES - We need prizes and gift certificates to give away at our events.   
VOLUNTEERS - Need service hours?  Want to help kids learn to fish?  Register to be a volunteer for one of our events.
We accomplish this mission by hosting our Kids Fishing Club program, Kids Fishing Academy program and working with the Boy Scouts and a variety of other youth groups. 
We've participated in every kids fishing tournament in South Florida and wanted to offer something different.  We aren't against competitions, fact is you will find my son participating in nearly every tournament in our area.  But along the way we've learned that competitive events are no place for children to learn.  We started The Kids Fishing Club to teach kids how to fish.  Each of our monthly events includes hands on education where kids learn how to cast, tie a fishing knot or identify different species of fish.  We keep every event fresh by always featuring a new type of bait, lure or technique.  We teach responsible angling, conservation and many other important topics.  Our events are not competitive and fun for the whole family.  Kids of all ages are welcome.  And yes, parents can fish!  Kids receive fishing rods and a tackle box to keep and we provide hooks, tackle, bait and even drinks and snacks.  We meet about once a month, on Sundays.  Most events are mid-day so we don't compete with your other weekend plans.  Events are about $15 per child but that's subject to change.  We have over 1000 members of this program and our events are large, drawing 50 to 75 kids ea.
While our Kids Fishing Club teaches the basics of fishing we wanted to offer a more advanced program to kids that are already good at fishing.  We came up with the Kids Fishing Academy concept.  Groups will be smaller.  We will do a lot more teaching and sharing fishing tips.  Every event focus on a different technique and you will be provided each weeks lures to keep.   Signup will be for a season of events, like any other sport.  Although there are no age restrictions are target for the academy is 10 to 18.
PRIVATE EVENTS - Great for kids birthday parties, youth groups, boy scouts, etc.  We even offer an exotic reptile show in conjunction to the fishing event.  Events are highly customizable to suite your group.  We work with all ages and abilities.  We even host boy scout fishing pin / buckle events.  Private events are about $20 to $25 per child with a $300 to $400 minimum event depending upon our commitment.   
Optional add-ons include:
Exotic REPTILE show - add $40.  We bring snakes, lizards, turtles, scorpions and more!  Taught by kids for kids!
Giveaway prizes - add $50+
Trophies - add $50+
Loot bags - add $3 to $6ea 
Decorate your own cupcakes - $35/ 12pk 
Birthday boy/girl tackle kit - add $25/50/75/100 or whatever you wish to spend

Arthur Algonas  1941-2014
7/24/12 We just got off the phone with his family.  He absolutely loved to fish  His family is requesting donations to made on his behalf.  You can pay using any credit card or Paypal using the link on this page.  You can also mail gift cards for Bass Pro Shop, Dicks Sporting Goods and Walmart.  We redeem the gift cards for kids fishing tackle.  We also accept personal checks and used fishing equipment.  For more information please call 954-600-3747 and ask for Mark.    (954) 600-3747 *PLEASE EMAIL   Email kidsfishing at
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